Hi, I’m Taseer Ahmad—a freelance writer with a knack for all-thing content.
I write blog posts, short -and long-form articles, and other various website content for health & wellness, lifestyle, and travel brands around the world.
My goal is to help brands tell better stories through persuasive, engaging content. As Seth Godin once said:
Content marketing is the only marketing left.

He’s right.

The 21st century is all about attracting quality customers. But how do you do that? The secret lies in creating valuable, relevant, and consistent content.

As a freelance writer, I help small and medium-sized businesses grow by creating articles, blog posts, and website content—all tailored to their target customers. I write well-researched, engaging, shareable, and scannable articles that convert visitors into leads, customers, and promoters. Hence, a complete sale-funnel.

Do you want to reach your audience online and increase sales by competing with dozens of other similar businesses? I understand. Let me help you.

Here is what you might be struggling with:

  • You have a product but don’t know how to write compelling content that drives in customers.
  • You don’t have time (or the resources) to write long, engaging, and compelling blog posts and articles.
  • You find it difficult to write the best content for your business needs.
You’re not alone. There’re in fact other similar companies struggling with the same.
With over three years of professional writing experience, I can help you put your message out there.

My services would help you:

  • Build an audience by creating blog posts, short-and long-form articles, and digital content.
  • Create informative storytelling strategy to market your product.
  • Turn complex, scientific data into easy and digestible content.
 Want to discuss your specific project needs?
Drop me a line: taseer@mtaseerahmad.com