Here are some of my writing samples—in no particular order. Most of the articles are about health, wellness, lifestyle, and travel. 

Why Your Business Needs Content Marketing Strategy Right Now?
Not sure why your visitors loitered around your website and left the next moment? Think of businesses with weak strategy.

Why do Pregnant Women Crave Pickles? Do Pregnancy Cravings Exist?
Are you eating too much of a specific food during your pregnancy? Guess what? You have pregnancy cravings.


Why You Don’t Need to Buy Organic Food all the Time
They are expansive and also not more different than their conventional counterpart.

5 Ways Lemongrass Takes Care of Your Health
Lemongrass is helpful against bacteria and skin infections.

Getting to Shogran in winter can be a hassle but getting there is half the fun.

10 Foods that Guarantee Your Kids a High Fiber Intake
Food rich in fibers eases bowel movement and help gut-friendly bacteria to digest food.


12 Things To Let Go If You Really Want to Live A Happy Life
To be truly happy, you need to let go of these 12 things.                                                                                      


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